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All About Serial is sponsored by LAVA Computer Manufacturing. We've been engineering and manufacturing interfaces for computers since 1984 at our headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Over that time we've gained a lot of knowledge and expertise that we'd like to share, so we've built All About Serial as an informative web site devoted to serial port technology. If you're generally interested in computers and input/output technologies you'll find the information here essential reading.

We've covered the options for upgrading or adding serial ports to your system in this article.


One important source of information on serial ports and serial technology generally is Jan Axelson, who has literally "written the book" on serial ports, Serial Port Complete. As its subtitle indicates, this book covers COM ports, USB virtual COM ports, and ports for embedded systems.

Other books by Axelson on related topics — USB Complete, USB Mass Storage, Embedded Ethernet and Internet Complete, Parallel Port Complete, The Microcontroller Idea Book, and Making Printed Circuit Boards — show that she is by no means a one-hit wonder.

Axelson's web site at Lakeview Research adds to her books with informative articles and links.


Why upgrade a system with new I/O ports? Because, perhaps more than any other type of enhancement, I/O upgrades add to the value of a system. Not only do they take advantage of expansion capacity already waiting on most computers' motherboards, they can help blend the power of a computer with the unique abilities of peripherals such as high-speed scanners or digital video cameras.  Learn more >>>


Over the years LAVA has amassed a substantial archive of material on serial port technology (along information on other interfaces) in its newsletter LINK. Back issues are available here.

B&B Electronics has built an excellent repository of serial-related materials covering RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, and other related topics. Matched to its business, B&B's technical library has a distinctly industrial orientation.

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